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Buy Edu backlinks from our resourceful database, and we are one of the most trustable edu & gov backlinks service providers in the industry. You only order backlinks from us, and we will track and report back to you with all the necessary details.

Every online businesses want to rank their product or service pages on the first page of search engines. Google owns almost 94% of searches all over the world. If your business can acquire a tiny portion of those potential customers, then your business can be at the top.

Backlinks are the most effective way to rank higher on the search engine. According to the experts of the digital marketing industry, websites with .edu and .gov are the most authoritative and trustable in the eye of search engines.

SEOViser offers quality Edu and Gov backlinks service at a reasonable price. In this page, you will get to know all about our Edu and Gov backlinks offer and pricings.

Why You Need Edu and Gov Backlinks Service

Before we hop into what we offer in our Edu and Gov backlink services, let's understand why you actually need Edu and Gov backlinks service. The reason behind that much emphasis on both edu and gov backlink is that only government entities can have a .gov extension, and an educational institution can only get a .edu website.

Niche relevant edu or gov backlinks can boost your rankings in such a way that your business will be on the top of every search engine. Their trust factors and authoritativeness is very high. Usually, a gov and edu backlinks are better than hundreds of traditional do follow backlinks.

You need edu and gov backlinks for building the authority of your business website. It will grow your brand in the eye of search engine, and as a result, it will improve the search appearance of your business.


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 Edu and Gov Backlinks Service Pricing Plan

At SEOViser, we are providing three different backlinks packages.

These packages are effective, affordable, and a great way to improve your website's SEO and increase your revenue.

Our Edu and Gov Backlinks Service Strategy

We are providing edu and gov backlinks services to our clients for several years. If you want to buy Edu backlinks then you must read this article completely to get the best of them. We have a winning strategy that our experts have developed after lots of trials and errors.
Let's have a look at our strategy for edu and gov backlinks.


Proper Keyword Research

Without proper keyword research, you cannot be sure that whether you need an edu or gov backlinks to rank on the search engines. So, to understand the fact, you need to do proper keyword research. Pick a keyword that matches your product or services, and it has deep intent for being sold online.


Competitor Analysis

We analyze every aspect of competitors for our clients because without knowing the weaknesses of the competitor's website, it is impossible to beat them and reach ahead of them. Our clients are our asses, and we always put our assets at the top position of the search engine.


Choosing the Right Platform to get Gov and Edu Backlinks

Now that we have everything set up to start the journey for achieving gov and edu backlinks for our client's business. At first, we will find out which platforms are giving backlinks to other good quality content, products, or services. In most of the cases, we will get backlinks to your original content of our client's website, where people can learn something new.


Approach Properly

There are several ways of approaching to the right entity to get a backlinks from edu or gov website. If they have a contact us form, then we will contact them; otherwise, we will collect their email and send an Email along with our proposal for them.


Find Edu Websites

After finding out the Edu platform where we will build Edu backlinks from, now we need to find niche relevant edu websites (if possible). As well as we will make a list of them and put those Edu websites on your list where you can build backlinks. Otherwise, the hard work and effort will be wasted.


Build Authentic Edu Backlinks

After getting a positive reply from them, then we will send our page URL on which we want our backlinks for the client's website. If the site has accepting guest blogging, then we will easily submit quality guest blogs on their blog website and get your backlinks. On the other hand, if they allow people to comment on their blog posts, then you must submit a quality comment that they will choose and approve. In that comment, you can leave a link pointing to your desired webpage.


Find Gov Websites

To make Gov backlinks at first, we will make a list of those gov websites where we can build backlinks for our clients. After that, we will finalize the ultimate source-list by analyzing their authority as well as their credibility and link placement policy.


Build Authentic Gov Backlinks

Once we get the final list of gov websites, we will start building Gov backlinks for our clients. We have hundreds of proven and verified gov backlink sources which we use to build backlinks for our clients. However, for the guest blog, we maintain high quality, and for gov blog commenting, we submit high quality authoritative and informative comment that gets approved quickly.


Tracking Improvement

Our service not only provides the edu & gov backlink building but also tracking their approval and interaction on those backlinks. On government website and education, site has huge visitors those are potential customers for our client's services or products. Tracking edu and gov backlinks is one of the essential strategies you must follow to hold them forever.

What We Offer in Our Edu and Gov Backlinks Service

Our offers are irresistible for our clients because, at SEOViser, they always get what they want. Our prime goal is to let our clients to receive something so that they can be happier with their return on investment. We offer the best service to buy Edu backlinks. Let's take a look at our offers.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

We are a client-focused edu-gov backlink service provider in the digital industry. We build the most authoritative edu and gov backlinks most reliably. Our experts are trustable, and they are credible for building quality backlinks for our clients. We work until our customers satisfied with our service.

100% Google Safe

We do not build any .edu or .gov backlinks that are not safe on google. Our service ensures the safety of the client's website. Our goal is to rank our client's business services or products on the SERP without creating any issue on search engines. Our clients are completely safe from getting any type of negative signals from search engine like Google.

Indexing Guaranteed

Indexing a backlink means that the search engine acknowledgment of that particular backlinks. It is the most crucial job after building backlinks for an individual website. Without indexation, backlinks are totally worthless because if the search engine does not know about your backlinks, it will not get any juice to your site. Our service ensures proper indexation for all of .edu and .gov backlinks we build for our clients.

100% Manually Built

Each of our .edu or .gov backlinks are 100% manually built. We understand the value of the kind of backlinks. We also take care of our client's business by not building backlinks that are adding no value. Some providers offers an infinite number of backlinks and make client's hard-earned money without ranking client's services or products on search engine.

Higher Ranking

We only build .gov or .edu backlinks on authoritative and permanent websites. Our main goal is to provide honest services so that the client can get maximum boosting that needed to rank in the first position on SERP. It brings us lots of positive client reviews for our credible and honest service.  


Full digital report provided

After the completion of the project, our clients will receive a professional digital report containing details of the project. We do not hang onto our clients in the darkness; instead, we are entirely open to our clients. So that they can understand what they are getting from our Edu and Gov backlinks service.

Why Should You Choose SEOViser Edu and Gov Backlinks Service?

SEOViser is one of the best Edu and Gov backlinks service provider in the world right now. We are providing these backlink building services for more than seven years now. We have a decorated expert team who has pro-level expertise on building Gov and Edu niche relevant websites for different clients.

Before you buy Edu backlinks service from us you need to know us. Our agency-level service will not only strengthen the authority of your business website but also improve your brand visibility online. There is a lot of hard work behind making the most expert team for building edu and gov backlinks.

Our agency served edu and gov backlinks service to hundreds of clients from all over the world. Clients are satisfied with our service and improvement in their business growth. Our experts are well experienced in building these backlinks on quality .gov and .edu websites.

Our service packages are extremely attractive and useful for those clients who are trying to build authoritative Gov and Edu backlinks for their business websites. We have affordable pricing policy and easy payment method for our clients. We deliver the ultimate Edu, and Gov backlink service that no one can in this industry can offer in that price tag.

Freequently Asked Question

So many people are asking different questions about Edu and Gov backlinks services. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

What is an Edu Backlink?

An EDU backlink is that type of backlink which comes from any domain contains .edu extension at the end. It has a high authority and trustability that passes a enormous positive link juices to the targeted webpages and websites. It incredibly help higher ranking on the SERP.

How do I get an Edu Backlink?

There are several ways for building quality Edu backlinks. A useful approach would be contacting some local schools or educational institutions to mention your resources on their website, and it is a very tough job. Instead, you can hire an agency that will build Edu backlinks for you.

What is a Gov Backlink?

A GOV backlink is that type of backlink which comes from any domain contains .gov extension at the end. It has a higher authority and trustability because it belongs to government entities only. It passes a massive positive link juices to the targeted webpages and websites through backlinks. It also incredibly help higher ranking on the SERP.

How I get a Gov Backlink?

There are some authentic way to approach government entities for backlinks from their websites. However, it is a very tough job that no client wants to do. We, the agency has some strategies that let us to build Gov backlinks for our client's website.

Will you provide a work report?
You will receive complete work report after completion of work, which will contain 100% live backlinks. We will check each backlink carefully before sending the report to you.